Marty & HorsesWith over 45 years as a writing professional, having successfully coached associates, employees, authors and screenwriters during her producing partnership with actor Martin Sheen at Symphony Pictures in the 1990s, Marty knows what it takes to get from the blank page to the finished product.
Her credits include writing and/or producing more than 30 television and film projects, 40 books online and in print (some ghost written), several articles and short stories; she escaped the Hollywood Shuffle for Big Sky Country to share her experience with others who are seeking some honest advice about their writing efforts.
Living in Northwestern Montana, Marty enjoys tennis in the summer, skiing in the winter and playing with her 5 dogs, 3 horses and 1 large cat, and her first-and-only husband year round. Their three adult children, thirteen grandchildren, and friends from all over enjoy the fresh air and sweet water available at Humpty’s Dump, a century old ranch house located on 20+ acres near a town of 250 people who were available during the last census.
Coachwrite’s clients include writers, entrepreneurs, salespersons, professionals, and writing coaches who wish to communicate more effectively on websites, in blogs, in sales letters, marketing materials, bios, brochures, books, and e-books.


  • Soccer Adventure Series, Dillon Press
  • Winning and Losing Series, Franklin Watts
  • Articles and short stories. (Parents Magazine, LA Times, Woman’s World, Army Times)  
  • "Starting from Scratch...Making Money"
  • Ghostwriter for online articles, essays, books, eBooks.
  •  "Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids", Emmy Award for ‘Sweet Sorrow’.
  •  "Godzilla"
  •  "G.I, Joe"
  •  "Smurfs"
  •  "Stay Alert!" Australia HWY Safety
  •  "Starting from Scratch"
  • "Bionic Woman"
  • "Jason of the Star Command"
  • "Space Academy"
  • "Harris & Co."
  • "Capital"
  •  "Texas"
  •  "Westbrook Hospital"
  • "Tailhook:  She Stood Alone" Executive Producer,
  • ABC, Movie of the Week
  • "100 Hours" – PSA (Public Service Announcement, LAPD) Finalist, New York Film Festival
  • “Word Up!”—Emmy nomination
  • “Crosses on the Lawn”
  • "Hits!" with Martin Sheen, James Marshall
  • "Cajuns" Writer/Producer, Blue Heron Productions
  • Writers Guild of America
  • The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
  • West
  • (Emmy Award Blue Ribbon Panelist)
  • Authors Guild
  • Women in Film
  • Two Emmy Nominations, one Award ("Sweet Sorrow"- Fat Albert)
  • Scott Newman Award Nomination
  • New York Film Festival Finalist (100 Hours)
  • Guest Panelist: Women in Film, Munich Film Festival
  • Sherwood Oaks Experimental College, Hollywood, CA
  • Rural Television Board PBS,
  • Woman of the Year 2010-2011 NAPW,
  • National Association of Professional Women.
  • PADI