My writing life…or the Word and I

Welcome to an experienced professional and still frustrated writer’s perfect venue for expression.
Living half way between Hope (Idaho) and Paradise (Montana) after 25 exciting years in La-la-land, I’ve discovered the freedom of writing what I want, when I want, and for no other reason than the process of putting words down on a page or screen. When writing by hand, I prefer #1 BLACK soft lead pencils or medium to heavy Univision pens on college lined paper of any color. My muscle memory includes a QWERTY board, not a text screen reproduction. Although I appreciate the brevity and immediacy of texting my thoughts, I fear my impulsive nature will embarrass me. The most valuable equipment any writer owns is an eraser.
Earning a living from professional writing is no longer a necessity, if it ever was a survival skill. However, it takes ego to declare yourself a professional writer, regardless of the price per word you earn. Many of us, ok most of us, at one time or another consider that title a fraud when we apply it to ourselves. The irony of that condition is that in order to achieve payment for your product, you must expose your efforts to critical, judgmental eyes and await the response. So, along with an eraser, add a transparent shield to protect your tender ego from the inevitable assaults on your work.
Remember NOT to take any of it personally. The praise or the punishment is response to your product, not your person. Another irony occurs, as without the sensitivity that created the fiction or non-fiction good enough for others to read, there would be no readers, and therefore no responses. At this point in my life, I have learned the wisdom of putting distance between my output and someone else’s reaction to it.
Regardless of the era, the venue, or the format, the writer has two sources of motivation: from the head or from the heart. If we rely only on inspiration from our feeling self, it may be pure, truthful, and present, and the writer may be the only one who reads and/or appreciates it. On the other hand, writing from the head, the objective thinking part of the creator, will deliver valuable information on a specific subject that is too dry to be of any interest to the reader.

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