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From the desk of the Memoir Maven:
What were you doing the day the United States was attacked from the air?

  • If you’re under 70, your mind goes to 9/11,
  • If you’re over 70, your mind goes to Pearl Harbor.

History is written by the winners…
You have a version of history in your memory, it’s valid, it’s honest, it’s yours. Be a winner and write your own history, your own way.
You owe it to your family, you owe it to your community, you owe it to history, and most of all you owe it to yourself. Until the email, we communicated our thoughts, dreams, perceptions, values, and events through letters and cards. These are lost to our generation and for every generation to come…
Perhaps you are proud of your accomplishments,
Perhaps you are ashamed of some of your actions,
Perhaps you think your life is too insignificant to be of interest to anyone else…
You are wrong. How many of you wish you had one more hour with a parent, grandparent, sibling, or child to ask that one important question, to clarify that one misunderstanding, to learn one more thing about their circumstances, perceptions, motivations, pressures and opportunities?
If we ignore the past, we are doomed to repeat it.
Do yourselves and future generations a favor by recording your life, your way. Seize the opportunity to benefit future generations with your point of view, your perceptions of progress in your profession, politics, or personal issues within your family. This is your memoir, so you are empowered to tell your truth, your way.
As the Memoir Maven, I am passionate that every single one of us record our history for posterity…ours and others!
If you can’t type, that’s no excuse.
If you can’t remember, that’s no excuse. If you don’t want to remember? No excuses!