Stephanie P, Author/Yoga Teacher & Trainer

As the editor for 2 of my yoga books, Marty helped me think outside the box while forming my books, and clean up my thoughts in their final written form.
Her corrections, insights, and additions helped the text itself, and book as a whole to flow.
She is highly enthusiastic and supportive. She is wise and has a great sense of humor too!
For my book’s subjects she also had personal experiences with the themes (yoga and psychology), and this made her an even more valuable resource.
I highly recommend Marty as an editor and coach.
She helped me with by book, Yoga at Your Wall ( and we are in the process of working on my next book, Reflections of a Codependent Yogi (
Thanks for everything Marty!
Stephanie Pappas
Author/Yoga Teacher & Trainer

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