The writing life…or this writer’s life…with testimonials, too

Haseena P (South Africa)

In my first conversation with you, I knew that I had found the right person to guide me through the process of transforming my raw words into a finished product that became my first published book. Not only did you edit my book, but your insightful questions helped me to define what I was writing about. I appreciate you going over and above the call of duty with your suggestions and words of advice whenever you felt that some aspect of the writing and publishing process could be improved. I feel privileged to have had your valuable input. Thank you for walking the path with me.
Haseena Patel (South Africa)
Author, Speaker, Girls’ empowerment coach
Co-founder of Leave No Girl Behind International
Co-creator of the Bubbles Beyond Borders Worldwide Campaign

Carmen H, Neurofeedback Therapist

I used Marty’s services for the first time in 2007. At the time I needed some assistance writing some essays for a school program I was applying to. Later, I used Marty’s services when I opened a new business and needed some marketing materials and some press releases written in connection with the business. Marty was wonderful at conducting her own research, and she needed very little guidance. Her written work is second to none.
Marty is also a woman of great professionalism, integrity and compassion. She has seen me go through many of life’s challenges over the last 4 years, and she has been there not only as a writer and consultant, but also as a friend. A while ago, when I was having trouble writing a eulogy for someone closed to me that had passed away, I asked Marty to write the eulogy for me. Marty wrote that eulogy as if the words were coming from my own heart–yet, we had never met, as most of our communications had taken place over the internet.
I feel honored to have met someone like Marty Humphreys–her work ethic, compassion, creativity and professionalism are an inspiration to me. I highly recommend Marty for your company’s needs
Carmen Hamerski
Neurofeedback Therapist,
Clinical Hypnotherapist and
Owner — Cognitive Wellness Neurofeedback & Hypnotherapy

Barb L, Retired Director of Event Planing

I hired Marty to edit my novel. I based my decision on her background as an Emmy award winning television writer with substantial experience in both writing and editing other people’s writing.
She provided excellent, timely feedback, as well as valuable insights and pertinent content revision suggestions that really helped me to finalize my work. She met all deadlines, was consistent in her communication, and was supportive and constructive in her recommendations. She assisted me in finding not only a book agent, but in ascertaining which publishing houses to approach with my novel. I was extremely satisfied with Marty’s overall job performance, and would recommend her, unequivocally, to anyone seeking a professional and extremely competent editorial consultant.
Barb Loczi
January 2014 Retired as Director of Event Planning
Division at K&M enterprises Research and Fund Development

Debra D, Licensed Occupational Therapist

I have been a client of Marty’s for 6 years. Multi-talented with razor sharp focus to assist those she mentors in the process of discovering their authentic voice, Marty passionately shares over 35 years of wisdom, creativity and talent as a writer, editor and producer. She takes time to understand a person’s purpose, truth and direction.
Marty is a trusted advisor who lovingly guided me during the creation, development and currently, the implementation of my website, Loving1withmentalillness.com. Thank you Marty for shaping a vision into a reality.
Debra DeLash
Licensed Occupational Therapist
Founder at www.loving1withmentalillness.com

Todd S, Insurange Agent

Marty is an incredible writer. She has worked with me in the past and will work with me now and in the future. She has a very creative mind. She is awesome to work with. I recommend her to anyone.
Todd Studebaker
Insurance agent

Ralph M, Investigations & Security

I have known Marty Humphreys for close to twenty years and I am more than happy to provide this recommendation. I first met Marty when she was the producer of a motion picture being filmed in Manhattan and I was their technical advisor. Our professional relationship continued to grow as I began writing screenplays. Marty was there to introduce me to the “Hollywood crowd” and, more importantly, edit my work. I can say, without reservation, that Marty is one of the best editors and writing consultants out there!
Ralph Marchesano
Investigations & Security Risk Management Professional Marty is a creative and concise writer.

Stephanie P, Author/Yoga Teacher & Trainer

As the editor for 2 of my yoga books, Marty helped me think outside the box while forming my books, and clean up my thoughts in their final written form.
Her corrections, insights, and additions helped the text itself, and book as a whole to flow.
She is highly enthusiastic and supportive. She is wise and has a great sense of humor too!
For my book’s subjects she also had personal experiences with the themes (yoga and psychology), and this made her an even more valuable resource.
I highly recommend Marty as an editor and coach.
She helped me with by book, Yoga at Your Wall (http://www.YogaatYourWall.com) and we are in the process of working on my next book, Reflections of a Codependent Yogi (http://www.CodependentYogi.com)
Thanks for everything Marty!
Stephanie Pappas
Author/Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Jason K, Nonprofits, Public Relations/Marketing, Adjunct Instructor

Writing is an art, a craft, a passion, and a business. Marty Humphreys understands the complete mix, and most importantly shares this understanding with others. She is more than a writing coach; she is an advocate. She dispenses honesty and inspiration in equal measure, the yin and yang of the written word. Marty wants you to write and will devote her skills, experience and dedication to the cause.
Contact her now.
Jason Karpf
Nonprofits, Public Relations/Marketing, Adjunct Instructor

Joci J

About Choice Coaching
I would highly recommend her for her trustworthy and excellent work!
Joci James