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Your legacy goes beyond a trust fund, a family home, a generous life insurance policy, and other material assets.

Your intangible assets are your values, experience, and point of view.

Memoirs come in all shapes and sizes, written or recorded audio/video; they tell your TRUTH.
What is YOUR side of YOUR STORY?
It’s time to tell your Truth.

  • Where were your parents on December 7th, 1941? Pearl Harbor
  • Where were you on 11/22/1963? JFK’s assassination.
  • Where were you on 9/11/2001? World Trade Center
  • What are five more minutes with your parent or grandparent worth?
  • What questions do your children and grandchildren have for you?
  • What answers do you have to share with them?

It may be too late to learn more from your forebears, but sharing your values, knowledge, and experience with your children and grandchildren is still possible.

After cancer surgery, my father lay dying; I was desperate for more time.
To ask questions,
To listen to his answers,
To learn more about what inspired his choices, his decisions, and his life.

You had to have been there…

Dad’s surgery was in the early 80s, he passed in 1998, and I’d like to think his sharing his life with another familiar with the stresses, opportunities, and options during their mutual time span lengthened both lives.

After decades of professional writing, it’s time to use my skills to provide a unique service to folks who want those five more minutes with their loved ones of a “certain generation.”

An embodiment of the American Dream, my father, didn’t have a pair of shoes until his tenth birthday, rode the rails to the University of Colorado in 1932 to walk on their football field and lead the Buffaloes to 3 National Championships as he became an All-American Tackle for the same three years. Pearl Harbor interrupted graduate school and his nascent coaching career at Colorado while he served in the Pacific aboard the USS WASP. Returning to college-level coaching (Wyoming, Oklahoma, University of Maryland), he transitioned into the NFL as the GM/coach for the Baltimore, Colts. Management worked for him, and he worked his way up the corporate ladder in various companies until founding, Dribeck, the sole distributor of Beck’s Bier, in the late ‘60s.)
My desperation led me to employ a biographer who shared his generation and, therefore, his “context.” The Depression experienced in the dust of Texas, WWII in the United States Navy in the South Pacific, football fanaticism, the Korean Conflict, the McCarthy Era, the Kennedy Assassination, Viet Nam from a WWII veteran’s perspective, the Cold War, and lastly, the Reagan/Clinton years.

After 45 years of professional writing* for myself and others, I will help you bring your story to life and leave a lasting legacy.
Contact me for a free conversation to get started.

My credits include writing/editing and/or producing over 30 film and television projects, and over 40 ghostwritten and published non-fiction online and on paper.

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