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Today’s Good, Bad, and Ugly Stuff​

Grouchy Gramma, with occasional input from Papa Tom, my husband of 55 years, the father of our three children.

  • The good? The current pandemic seems to be bringing out the best in most of us.
  • The bad? See posts on Credit Card interest rates, and taxable interest on Savings Accounts.
  • The ugly? Thank you notes…when was the last time you wrote one or received one?

This is my thank you note to those who take the time to read, consider, or comment on my concerns.


Memoirs Made Easy…with me! My children have been after me to write my memoir: only offspring of two alcoholics, decades long marriage to my hero, decades writing and producing in Hollywood—Ha-,ha-,ha!  NO, they haven’t asked me about any of that.  Two of our twelve grandchildren have asked me to write it all down. Our 60th …

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Who are the real patriots?

Something occurred to me while watching the tributes and remembrances today, 9/11/21; those patriots aboard Flight 93 saved our country. Yet, they are honored almost as an afterthought because their plane did NOT arrive at its destination: The Capital. Had it done so, the destruction would have murdered a majority if not all of our …

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Credit Card Usury

Your Credit Card Usury Rates   Instant Economic Relief from Credit Card Usury. Stop Credit Card Usury Rates!  There will be instant Economic Relief from Credit Card Usury when the issuing banks find a conscience. They will immediately reduce their current exorbitant rates to something reasonable. Say less than 10%? One Percent vs. 15,16,20,26 This …

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memoir maven

What were you doing the day the United States was attacked from the air? If you’re under 80, your mind goes to 9/11. If you’re over 80, your mind goes to Pearl Harbor. History is written by the winners… You have a version of history in your memory, it’s valid, it’s honest, it’s yours. Be …

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