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                                                       Marty Humphreys

“Your words, your way.”

Think of the laminate, the thin layer of protective covering sealing wood or paper from damage, as the author. The ghostwriter is the layers of paper or wood beneath the plastic.

Ghostwriting means content composed by someone other than the person, the author, taking credit for the information. For the product to be valuable, the author is a trustworthy source for the information contained in the written piece. The professional ghostwriter works closely with the author to ensure the space between them is as narrow as possible.

Good ghostwriting requires adequate research to verify the information the author wishes to convey to the reader. At a minimum, the grammar, punctuation, spelling is accurate to standard usage. The content satisfies the author’s requirements factually in a timely manner.

Great ghostwriting creates content that does all of the above, plus relates to the author’s unique way of expression of him or herself.

The question of integrity.

Academic, scientific, and medical disciplines have given ghostwriting a bad name as many experts have relied on uncredited writers to produce articles, reports published under their names. From undergraduates cheating on papers to degreed professionals hiring others to manufacture research papers under their names, this practice has increased with the expanding internet.

Plagiarism is the ugly term often applied to these practices, usually found at the student level before the advent of Duplichecker, or Grammarly to ensure the work is original

Many aspiring writers consider themselves professional writers if they post articles on a friend’s blog or contribute articles to local free weekly newspapers. Freelance implies the casual, self-employed writer rather than the discipline required by serious professional ghostwriters.

Ghostwriting Services by an Experienced Professional Ghostwriter.

Coachwrite provides well-researched, original content for webpages, articles, memoirs, essays, reports, papers, speeches, and eBooks with the guarantee of discretion.

The author becomes the translucent laminate to their ghostwriter’s layers of effort. “Your Words, Your Way!”

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