Content Writing

All writing begins with a blank page, how you fill it affects the outcome of your intention.  There are three parts to content writing:

  1. The facts behind the message
  2. The clarity of the communication
  3. The impression on the reader

Experts tell us to restrict our messages to three points as the intended audience cannot process or remember beyond that number. So, the content writer’s challenge is to select the top three message points the client desires to communicate.

Secondly, the content writer distills those top three message points into the essence of the communication.

Lastly, the content writer will select the best words, phrases to fill the blank page to create an impression with the reader.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

If it were, there would be no need for me, Marty Humphreys, with 45 years of professional writing experience.

Good content writers use dynamic language to convey your message efficiently and effectively.

Great content writers capture your communications with your style in mind. It’s as if you whisper your message into your content writer’s ear, and she determines the essence, the appropriate style, and most importantly what words, phrases, bullet points will capture your target market’s interest and inspire them to continue the relationship.