After 45 years of professional writing* for myself and others, I will help you with your writing, editing, marketing and creative projects.
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“Content” writing is the modern term for plain old writing—of course writing is content. What else would you call it?

Perhaps writing intimidates you, or it’s a question of your time (never enough) or your priorities (way at the bottom of your list.)

Communicating on paper or on screen is a challenge to those whose interests, skills and talents lie elsewhere.

There are over two billion websites. What will separate your website from the competition is your voice, your words, your way.

Every story begins with an idea. Maybe your creative efforts deserve a wider audience. Maybe your side hustle is ready to expand into something more. Or maybe you’re ready to launch that business or attract more clients to your established business. Whatever your motives, how you tell your story online makes a difference.

The beauty of your story is that it’s yours. As it develops, your site will grow with it. Your goal is to make it feel right now. Later will take care of itself. 

Enter me as your ghost, your mentor, your coach:, *My credits include writing/editing and/or producing over 30 film and television projects, and over 40 ghostwritten and published non-fiction online and on paper.
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