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Max overcame his writer’s block.

  • Blank page paralysis?
  • Can’t let go of finished product?
  • Fear of failure?
  • Fear of success?
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Writers Building Blocks

Back to Basics

Back to Basics Stop thinking of yourself as trapped in front of a blank screen. Your fingers refuse to move, your brain refuses to think, your spirit refuses to inspire. Think of taking each element of your writing project as a block, a building block. The next time you face a blank page, think beyond …

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How to Edit Web Content

Editing Web Content Services Promise, “Less is More”. Editing anything, particularly web content, means relevant brevity. People surf the web in search of answers to specific questions, concerns, wants, or needs. Successful websites provide those answers in as few words as possible. No one has the time to plow through flowery prose, adjective laden descriptions, …

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Honesty Guarantee

Tell the truth, please. To write anything requires an ego with a willingness to share (and often not in the nicest of ways). To write publicly adds the ability to shout “Incoming!” while ducking rejection slips* delivered by email, snail mail, or robo calls from your agent. Unlike the professional (aka received payment) writing I …

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How to Finish Your Project: Prioritize it! Inspiration, Perspiration, then Priority.  Coachwrite • 0 Comments There are as many reasons to put down a project as there are to complete it. When you want to finish a project, you finish it. Priority is one of my favorite words. When your project is a priority, it completes itself. There are three …

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Courses Cost Accountability

Courses = Cost = Accountability Coachwrite • 0 Comments “How to” courses have their place in every marketplace. The acceptable formats for submissions of articles, manuscripts, proposals, plays, screenplays are available in books, classes, videos, and courses. Take your work and yourself seriously, so take the strain, and submit your work in the appropriate format. Learning the …

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Thou Shalt Not

Take all the creativity out of writing personally or professionally. If you are a technical writer, journalist, historian, essayist then accuracy, integrity, and attention to specific detail is part of the task. (Please note the absence of the word “job”.) The “work”, “task”, “assignment” refers to the challenge when a writer faces a blank page. …

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