How to Edit Web Content

Editing Web Content Services Promise, “Less is More”.

Editing anything, particularly web content, means relevant brevity.

People surf the web in search of answers to specific questions, concerns, wants, or needs. Successful websites provide those answers in as few words as possible.

No one has the time to plow through flowery prose, adjective laden descriptions, to get to the point.

Wonderful Writers’ Metaphor

Copy Editing

Basic copy editing points out mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Depending on the contract, the copy editor can go beyond indicating and fixing the errors to rewriting the text entirely to conform to acceptable English usage.

The factual basis of the information is not the copy editor’s responsibility.

Web Content Editing

Web content editing services add to the copy editor’s work by reorganizing, restructuring, or rewriting a document, web page. The quality of the web content editor’s service is its ability to capture the message efficiently, effectively, as it engages the reader.

Most of us write “long” to express ourselves meaningfully. We add details that are important to us, meanwhile overlooking that “we” are not the intended audience. That may work well for novelists (Thomas Wolfe, James Michener, Bronte sister ) but that was the last century when life was leisurely and people had time to read for pleasure.

Today, we honor our readers by getting to the point as soon as possible to save both of us time and effort.

Cut, Cut, Cut

Fancy word
Fancy word

Never use a “quarter” word, when a “nickel” word will do.

Nickel words
Direct, easy to understand words

“Show” rather than “manifest”.

“Aloud” rather than “audible”.

“Hard” rather than “imprenetable”, “strenuous”,”laborious”.

Know Your Audience

Who are they?

Your target market’s specifics are important when writing website content.

Age, gender, education, economic level, lifestyle, religion, ethnicity are a few of the categories to consider or dismiss depending on your product, service, or information.

What do they want?

This is where nouns take precedence over adjectives you consider for your content. Again, specifics win the competition. “German Shepherd” rather than “dog”, any noun that suggests a mental image is preferable to a broad category. Of course, any time you can add an image, with a caption, improves the possibility of discovery by a potential client.

When do they want it?

This answer depends on the nature of your content. If you are supplying information, answer the searcher’s question in detail on the page, or include relevant links, to other resources. The latter may frustrate the surfer who had hoped for an immediate answer.

If your website markets a product or service, again be specific when either is available to the surfer

The purpose of your web page is to communicate your services, products, or opinions to the web user. Identify your ideal reader’s demographic and desires, then address those elements as you type words on your page.

Web Content Editing Services Difference

Content editing for publication in a mainstream press differs from web content editing services in style and adherence to the rules of standard “good” English. The former requires a working knowledge of the written English language, or a great software program (Grammarly), to draw your attention to any errors that have slipped into your text.

The latter, web content, directly delivers your message efficiently, effectively and error-free. Errors on the page draw attention to the error, detracting from your message.

The English language is dynamic living thing, so the rules learned in High School or University may or may not apply today.

That is fortunate for the web content writer who can ignore many of them, because direct communication is always the best way to get your message to the web user.

Word UP!

Words before Phrases,

Phrases before Sentences,

Sentences rather than Paragraphs.

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