Thou Shalt Not

Take all the creativity out of writing personally or professionally. If you are a technical writer, journalist, historian, essayist then accuracy, integrity, and attention to specific detail is part of the task. (Please note the absence of the word “job”.) The “work”, “task”, “assignment” refers to the challenge when a writer faces a blank page. Your desire to fill that page with words is an opportunity to express yourself, a promise of something original, not something heavy to do rather than create.
So, please remove the word “should” when referring to your writing, any writing from a grocery list, thank you note, memo, or letter to the editor.
However, here is a short list of books that have made an impression on me and others who do what we do.
“Story”, Robert McKee
“Making Movies”, Sidney Lumet
“How to Write a Book Proposal” Michael Larson*
“Writing Down to the Bones. “ Natalie Goldburg
“The Vein of Gold”, Julia Cameron (author of “The Artist’s Way”)
I’ll be adding to it as I return to my library looking for inspiration, so please check back occasionally—as if, you have nothing better to do ☺There are many terrific books available to teach, inspire, guide, and instruct the “how to’s” of the art and craft.

*I purchased the first edition of Michael’s book before moving to Montana from Los Angeles 20+ years ago. When “linking” my recommendation to the kindle edition on Amazon I purchased the fourth edition to update the information to the digital age. Givers Get, right?

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