E-book or book-book or both books

Publishing Options

What to do with your finished manuscript now that you’ve put the final period on  “The Great American Novel”, or “How to Survive Climate Change” or “My Life as a Recovering Republican”?

Now you seek a film deal, right?

Sorry, I got ahead of myself.

You’re exploring your publishing options.

1)The really good news is the blossoming E-book markets allowing anyone with something to say a place to say it and the opportunity to have others read and share it. No more finding an agent (Post on Agents), submitting to publishers over the transom, simply apply a cover, credits, acknowledgments and upload your manuscript to any of several venues.

The somewhat less than good news: if it were that easy, everyone would do it on their way to a film deal.

2)The advantage of a book-book or “mainstream” publishing is your discovery of another literate adult who likes your work almost as much as you and your mother. An agent’s acceptance and an advance is just the beginning of your adventure. 

If control is an issue for you, this is rarely the best option, as the golden rule applies in this as in all business: He who has the gold makes the rules. And always remember Publishing is a BUSINESS.

3) BOTH: POD (Publish on Demand plus an Ebook online).

On-demand publishing is the option I recommend to my clients for two big reasons: control plus cash.

Amazon is the obvious venue that provides both in one place. If you believe in your product, its value to the mass market, its quality production, and your ability to do everything yourself—this is your ONLY option to guarantee exposure before the climate has permanently changed.c

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