How to Finish Your Project: Prioritize it!

Inspiration, Perspiration, then Priority.

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There are as many reasons to put down a project as there are to complete it.
When you want to finish a project, you finish it.
Priority is one of my favorite words. When your project is a priority, it completes itself.
There are three steps to every writing project:

Inspiration: Aha!, the idea, the energetic starting point of the creative process.
Perspiration: The nuts and bolts, effort, and time it takes to accomplish the project.
Priority: The Essential Element required for completing the project.
When you drop a project, or allow distractions to postpone completion, your project failed the priority test.


The specific reasons for omitting this element, priority, are too numerous to list here, but it boils down to only one:


Of failure

Of inadequacy

Of ignorance

Of value

Of success

First you identify it, then you face it, then you do it….or not.

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