Honesty Guarantee

Tell the truth, please.

To write anything requires an ego with a willingness to share (and often not in the nicest of ways).

To write publicly adds the ability to shout “Incoming!” while ducking rejection slips* delivered by email, snail mail, or robo calls from your agent.

Unlike the professional (aka received payment) writing I have done to date, this blog is mine and mine alone! (SFX Hysterical Laughter) No deadlines, no outlines, no APA, no Chicago Style, no judgment, no criticism from significant or insignificant others—and no paycheck. 

The links you’ll find here are just that, links–not affiliates, just easy to use referrals to things I value.

So my honesty is guaranteed.

The information here is from decades of observation, experience, success, and failure and is as accurate as I can provide.
Blog writing is a living, breathing organism and therefore is never finalized in digital print on the following pages.

Check back for additional, valuable updates and information on the subjects that interest you.

As they say in France,
 “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.” Or vice versa.

I believe in the sign, Dance/Sing as if no one is watching/listening, so from now on Write!

As if no one is reading….

*One best-selling author saved her printed rejections slips to wall paper her guest bathroom. The plumbing was imported hand-painted porcelain with gold leaf fixtures paid for from her residuals and royalties. He who laughs loudest, laughs best 😉

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