Should I hire a professional reader?

No! Hell no! Never pay anyone to read your work…

Never, never, never pay anyone to read anything you write in any form.

PLUS a bonus just for you!

Change nothing in your ms (manuscript) unless:

  • You sincerely believe (notice I did NOT say think) it’s an improvement, you must BELIEVE it improves your work.
  • The person making the suggestion has a dripping fountain pen over an enormous check to provide you an advance, an option, or a purchase for the work under consideration.

There are many “professionals” out there who will charge mega bucks for reading, editing, improving your work when they* have never sold one word of their own writing.

Instead show your product to your friends, teachers, lovers, neighbors, siblings, parents for feedback if you have the hide of a rhinoceros. 

Please keep in mind that EVERYONE has their own agenda which may or may not be supportive of you and your work.

*There are some very popular names on my list of wannabes, but I’m too much of a lady to reveal more than one…or maybe two of them. ☺

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