Who are the real patriots?

Something occurred to me while watching the tributes and remembrances today, 9/11/21; those patriots aboard Flight 93 saved our country. Yet, they are honored almost as an afterthought because their plane did NOT arrive at its destination: The Capital.

Had it done so, the destruction would have murdered a majority if not all of our elected representatives….and therefore our functioning legislative branch.

The Republican majority, some Democrats, both independents?

How do we recover?

How do we govern?

How do we proceed?

Flash forward 20 years and the Capital is the location of violence, this time home-grown.   What would those passengers and crew on FLT 93 think of their sacrifice now?

What’s the point when so-called Patriots storm the same building as real patriots gave their lives for?

We cannot allow those 40 genuine patriots aboard FLT 93 be forgotten or die in vain.

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