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My children have been after me to write my memoir: only offspring of two alcoholics, decades long marriage to my hero, decades writing and producing in Hollywood—Ha-,ha-,ha! 

NO, they haven’t asked me about any of that. 

Two of our twelve grandchildren have asked me to write it all down. Our 60th anniversary is coming up in 2 years which might be a great gift for my husband. 

This would not be my first rodeo! 

It began with my father. (link to home page)

Then my Godfather, and then to the life behind a eulogy I was hired to write for a client who found me online.

When my husband’s brother passed a few years ago, the family wanted me to compose something memorable for his six children and many grandchildren.

My recent memoir writing services validated the lesson I learned while my father’s attorney searched for and finally hired the perfect writer for Dad’s book. (link to home page.) 

The primary lesson? Context.

Your parent, your grandparent, did not just fall from the sky fully formed and ready for action or reaction to the environment surrounding them. Their environment affected them, and they affected their surroundings as well.

As I learned during the memoir process with my father and Godfather, although contemporaries their experiences and reactions to the Depression, WWII, the Red Scare, Kennedy Assassination, Viet Nam era, and following years were unique to each man.  The memoir writer who shared those eras enhanced the projects with their sensitivity to the history of each period.

Memoirs come in all shapes, sizes, and formats (audio/visual).

As an experienced non-fiction writer, essayist, screenwriter, and producer I have all the tools for memoir ghostwriting services in any media you choose.

The process of gathering the information for ghostwriting your memoir, or for someone else, depends on the desired outcome. 

What qualifies me to ghostwrite or edit your memoir?

As an experienced, affordable, professional ghostwriter, I care deeply about the subject matter. 

I’m on your side.

I’ve been there, and probably done that—or know someone who has:)

My ghostwriting process is simple: a phone call, zoom meeting to get to know each other, then if we go from there.

Memoir writing services made easy.

Hire a Memoir Writer: Me! The Memoir Maven.

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