Why I hate American Express Credit Cards
In my younger years, I had Visa, Discover and Master Cards in my wallet. I resisted the relentless offers from Amex. Compared to the competition, Amex’s annual fees were high. Considering very few merchants accepted the card because of what they charged them. Silver, gold, platinum and titanium belong in the ground or in my teeth.
And let’s not talk about the interest rates on the unpaid balances…
And then along came Costco…
They switched the Discover Card for Amex, so I had no choice but to go with the flow. That was over twenty years ago.
My original card was the “Blue” cashback Costco card. Without asking, they raised my credit limit. And apparently my interest rate when Costco dropped them in favor of Citibank a few years ago.
And then along came Covid…
Our daughter, her boyfriend and her daughter joined us on the ranch. During periods of their unemployment our Costco bill went up and up and up, as did the balance on the “cash back” card.
The words “cash back” are in quotes. When Amex cancelled the card, they took my cash back ($236) back before I could use it to pay down the balance on the card.
And no, I did not miss a payment, pay late or any other infraction in the twenty-plus years I’ve had the card.
They denied my recent attempt to set up an online payment plan.
So wish me luck as I call the “800” # for relief from the 23.99% variable rate Amex charges me on a card I can no longer use.
Oh, and did I mention never missing or being late for a payment in over 20 years of use?
Where is Elizabeth Warren when I need her?

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